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The School of Management Employers Forum is a distinguished campus organization that seeks to serve students by implementing a multitude of events, programs, and career fairs in order to connect the student body with professional opportunities, elevate Krannert as an institution, and inspire tomorrow’s business leaders.


In 1994, Krannert School of Management lacked a centralized job fair for its students. Several student organizations put on smaller job fairs for their members. The School of Management decided to combine these efforts and hold one job fair for all its students. Student representatives from each Krannert organization formed the original School of Management Employers Forum (SMEF).

While SMEF organized the fall event, the School of Management Council (SMC) organized the spring career fair. As their attendance increased, it was decided that SMEF would become a dedicated stand-alone organization, not consisting of other organization members, and it would organize both fairs. In 2005 SMEF was re-born and the fairs were re-named the Fall and Spring Career Fairs. In its first year, fall fair company attendance increased 39% (72 to 100) and the spring attendance jumped 63% (56 to 91)! Today the Career Fairs are first class events that attract 135 companies and more than 1200 students. Recruiters and students consistently report the positive and rewarding nature of the fairs.

In order to expand its mission and purpose, the School of Management Employers Forum continuously explores new opportunities for development beyond the career fair and career fair week events. In recent years SMEF has added the General Mills Finance Case competition, the Krannert Coffee Hour, SMEF Empowerment Scholarship Program and Internship Panel. It’s highly dedicated and exceptionally qualified committee of members is the source of its success growth.


Company Relations: Establish, develop, and maintain relationships with a diverse array of companies in order to increase attendance at the Employers Forums and more importantly to strengthen corporate awareness about Krannert and Purdue

Marketing & Analytics: Efficiently inform students and the School of Management Employers Forum; and present SMEF in all of its events in a professional manner.

Student Relations: Provide much needed assistance to company recruiters by coordinating the efforts of more than one hundred undergraduate hosts/hostess; to make the career fair as comfortable as possible for both recruiters and students.

Strategic Planning & Events: Organize and execute a series of professional events that dramatically enhances the quality of each company’s experience throughout the School of Management Employers Forum.

Seminars & Interviews: Schedule and execute company seminars prior to the Employers Forum and interviews during the day after the Employers Forum.

Programing & Development: Develop and evaluate potential changes to SMEF’s events and procedure. Committee members coordinate with the full committee to generate new ideas for development.